The Buick Goes to a Wedding

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  1. James Grazulis says:

    I see you also have an old Buick. I have a ’63 LeSabre, brand new compared to your ’41. My son, KC3FCS, also has a ’67 Skylark. My brother, WO3X has a ’56 Super. He has owned it for 50 years. I have only owned my ’63 for 46 . A member of our now defunct BCA chapter used to have a ’41 in similar colors. I drove it in a wedding once because the owner was in the party. 73 Jim KA3KSP

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      Jim: Thanks for commenting. It sounds like you have a Buick family! And on top
      of that three ham radio operators. Hams and car nuts don’t stand still for
      long. It’s great fun to be active in several hobbies. You make a lot of
      friends and have a good time.
      I attended a couple of BCA events a while back but the chapter was too
      far away (central MA) for me to take an active part in. I am in our local
      AACA club (Westerly-Pawcatuck Region) and am very active in that.
      Enjoy the Buicks and radio … a great combination.

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