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  1. John Curtiss says:

    Ken I am especially interested in your dashboard as my 1939 Packard has all the problems you had.IThe 39 Packard has a Tennite dash.Used only one or two years and then dropped because it cracked. I will have to find a replacement dash before taking mine apart!

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      John, thanks for your comment. My dash is mostly made of metal. The only plastic part is the faces of the gauges.
      Some of those have warped but not cracked. The ammeter gauge was so badly warped that the indicator needle
      had fused to it. I have since pulled the needle free and now the gauge works. In my case new gauge
      faces are available newly made if I need them. The gauge would have to be taken apart and the new
      faces put in place of the old. Your Tenite dash is a much bigger problem. I suspect that nobody is making
      replacements. I will check the AACA site for some suggestions. Maybe there is a restorer who
      has developed a process for repairing or remolding the dash.

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