RCA Radiola 60


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  1. Ray Garafano says:

    Greetings and Merry Christmas!
    Yup, I have this radio,Got it back in 74 in H.S. electronics class, I had to rewind the filament coil in the transformer. Radio still works, I am on Cape Cod and w a 20 foot antenna pulling stations outa Jersey and N.Y.C bath Maine and Montreal
    I am getting a lot of wild squealing and whistling, Radiola guy says faulty by-pass capacitors. I guess they might be in one of those square cans in power supply. Thru Radiola guy I am getting new grill cover w tapestry picture, as I bought the flash-drive and found a print shop close to a 100 miles a away to do the job. Ur radio looks great!

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