Netflix Recommendations : Watch More, Search Less

Here are some of my most recent favorites found on Netflix. Just in case my description is too brief for you to decide whether or not to watch the title I have linked many of these to trailers that will help you decide.


Star Trek: Voyager (2000)
This is my all time favorite Star Trek Series. I am presently on season five and still going strong. The episodes are expertly crafted and the characters are well portrayed. Voyager is science fiction with heart and style. And for those of you who like to know more, the IMDB website has all sorts of detail about the show and the cast. The photo I picked for this show says something about my excellent taste.



Anne with an E (2018)
This series is an adaptation of the book Anne of Green Gables. It is one Netflix production that the whole family can watch and enjoy. Don’t expect this series to be exactly like the book. There is conflict. Fortunately there is also a great sense of joy for life that pervades the production. For those who watched the first season and have been waiting for the second, it is here now!



Chruchill’s Secret Agents: The New Recruits (2018)
During WWII Britain developed a new type of guerilla warfare group much like our special operations units. The recruits were trained quickly and then inserted behind enemy lines to do as much damage as they could. Recently all of the top-secret training information for this mission has been released. This TV show takes modern people and puts them through the same training as was done in the 1940’s. Very interesting. I could not find a trailer for this show but you might like to see a documentary video about the original people who were in this service.

Nowhere Boy (2009)
This drama presents the early life of John Lennon. He was given up by his mother at a young age and thereafter raised by his aunt. This is a very well done biography about a gifted artist. Great movie!

Kodachrome (2018)
Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis star as father and son who get together for one last road trip after a long period of avoiding each other. Although this is a story that has been overdone recently I found Kodachrome to be engaging and worth watching.

Small Town Crime (2017)
The film revolves around an ex-cop whose life is on the skids. He was booted off the force for reasons that are not revealed until late in the movie. He wants to be a cop again but it’s not likely that he will be given a chance. He happens upon a dying woman and is compelled to investigate her murder. It all gets very violent and bloody from there on. This is for those who like action and are not put off by excessive violence.


Brain on Fire (2016)
A young lady who has a great job at a newspaper suddenly begins to experience severe medical problems which begin to destroy every aspect of her life. The story is based upon actual events. This medical mystery kept my attention.

Kill the Irishman (2011)
An Irish-American laborer comes head to head with organized crime and its invasion of labor unions. He responds by creating his own criminal operation. Great story, over the top violence.
Ray Stevenson stars as Danny Greene. For the Christopher Walken fans in the audience you will find him here too.

The Boy (2016)
Very creepy horror movie. A young woman is hired to be the nanny to a doll. It is weird. The story does not break new ground … I’ve seen films similar to this before. It is fun.



Johnny English Reborn (2011)
I loved the first Johnny English film and couldn’t wait to see another. This comic action film stars Rowan Atkinson, best known for his portrayal of Mr. Bean. Atkinson fans will not be disappointed. Fabulous fun!

The Sniffer (2017)
This is a Russian language detective series. It is about a consulting detective who uses his ultra sensitive sense of smell to solve crimes. The dialogue is minimal so don’t worry about the subtitles. The shows are done with a good sense of humor. Watch one every once in a while. The formula plot can be a bit predictable.

Close Range (2015)
A very macho former military man is recruited to save his kidnapped niece. After much bloodshed and explosions he is successful. Then the really bloody stuff begins. This one does not have any significant pauses in the action. Scott Adkins is the hero.

Blue Jasmine (2013)
The rich and fortunate sister is dethroned and loses it all. She goes to live with her sister who has a much different lifestyle and social status. It’s been done before but this one is engaging.
Cate Blanchett won an Oscar for her role in this often funny Woody Allen film.

Father Brown (2017)
Watch this British series from the beginning. Father Brown is a Catholic priest in postwar Britain. He has a knack for solving crimes and annoying the police. The series is based upon the writings of G. K. Chesterton, a famous Catholic (convert) apologist. The first four seasons of the series are great. It tends to lose its punch by the 5th.



Kill Me Three Times (2014)
This is another great Simon Pegg dark comedy. So well crafted … so much fun … fair amount of violence … you won’t want to get up for snacks during this one.

Death in Paradise (2017)
A British detective is yanked out of London and sent to manage a small police department on a Caribbean island. This is a detective mystery that is done with a good sense of humor. The episodes follow a formula that does not change much. I watch the show once in a while for a light change of pace.



Singularity (2017)
John Cusack and Carmen Argenziano star in a science fiction thriller that pits man against machine. This one is full of action and surprises.

That’s it for now. Have fun watching Netflix. If you have some favorites please let me know and I may add them to my next list. You can comment by clicking on the comment field. If it does not show just click on the blog post title and it will appear.

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