Netflix Picks for February, 2013

It’s time for another round of outstanding Netflix Instant film recommendations. My picks for February 2013 are all rated 4/5 or 5/5 … not a dog in the bunch. Of course my ratings only mean something if you know what I like. I expect a movie to show evidence of technical expertise; it should not look amateurish. The actors should know how to act and project dynamic personalities. A good flick will keep my interest at all times, or nearly so. And above all a really good film will demonstrate originality. It will not be just another plot clone. Keeping these parameters in mind the February picks follow. Please note that each title is a hot link (separate page) to a trailer that in most cases will be on You Tube.


Serenity, 2005, 1 hr and 58 min.; Sci-Fi Adventure, Space Western; Rating: 4/5

This movie is a spinoff of a TV show, if you can believe that.  The TV show Firefly is one that I had never heard of (not difficult to believe since I generally watch only the news on TV). The plot develops from a rogue spaceship  piloted by Mal Reynolds, a war hero who is not in line with the current galactic government, the Alliance. He and his crew are thieves (nice ones) who roam the edges of the galaxy looking for opportunities. Unfortunately for them they take on a passenger who is a refugee from an Alliance mind control/super warrior experiment. This situation guarantees that there will be plenty of conflict. Watch Serenity if you appreciate something with lots of fast paced sci-fi action. If you like the movie you can also watch the 14-part series, Firefly (2002), that is also currently available on Netflix Instant. Please note that the movie is meant to follow the series. You decide what order you watch in.

Starring: Nathan Fillion as Mal, Gina Torres as Zoe, Alan Tudyk as Hoban, Morena Baccarin as Inara, Adam Baldwin as Jayne, Jewel Staite as Kaylee, Sean Maher as Simon, Summer Glau as River, and Ron Glass as Shepherd.


Debra DiGiovanni: Single Awkward Female51 min.; Stand-up Comedy ; Rating: 5/5

This is a stand-up comedy routine featuring Debra DiGiovanni. Debra is a large (‘fluffy’ as a plump friend of mine says) woman who can evoke equally large laughs.  Debra has no difficulty making fun of herself. She really is charming. It’s a bit raunchy at times, but all done with heart.You have been warned, now go watch!



We’re Not Married, 1952, 1 hr and 25 min.; Comedy; Rating: 5/5

I like old movies. Maybe it is because I am old. In any event, I really loved this one. What would happen if several years after you had been married you found out that the justice of the peace who married you was not yet properly licensed when he performed the service? The results are sure to be funny and unexpected. And get a load of that cast!

Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Ginger Rogers, Fred Allen, Victor Moore.


Comes a Bright Day, 2012, 1 hr 30 min.; Indie drama; Rating: 5/5

This little indie movie directed by Simon Aboud is another great find. The story centers around Sam who has a low-level hotel job. He wants to move on up to his own business someday. His carefully ordered life is suddenly tossed by a cyclone consisting of a beautiful girl, a robbery, and a hostage crisis. This is another film that you probably won’t hear about from anyone else. It is the kind I most enjoy sharing.

Starring: Craig Roberts, Imogen Poots, Kevin McKidd, Timothy Spall.


Sahara, 2005, 2 hr 4 min.; adventure; Rating: 5/5

This is an adventure film that is a mix of Raiders of the Lost Arc and James Bond (take your pick of which one). The search for an ancient artifact in the form of a civil war ironclad is the ‘Raiders’ part. Outstanding fight and chase scenes and the beautiful Penelope are the ‘Bond’ parts. Sit back and enjoy!

Starring: Matt McConaughey, Steve Zahn, Penelope Cruz.

Those five films should keep you busy for at least part of the month of February. Please feel free to comment here, especially if you have your own Netflix Instant recommendations.






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