Just a little bit about me….My previous experience with Internet social networking sites was mostly limited to my Flickr site.   I then graduated to become an occasional user of Twitter.  At this point my son (a Graphic Artist & web developer) determined that it was about time I had an additional outlet.  The captions under my Flickr photographs were getting way too long.  Everyone who got an e-mail from me also received a link to my booklist (partly inspired by the Kindle).  The final straw was probably when I began to post my resume with my signature (that’s what happens when you are laid off).  So, Alex got this site for me and I now have one more outlet for mental exercising.

You can expect to see friendly comments about family, hobbies (amateur radio, books, old cars), and whatever is current but not too controversial.  Please feel free to respond in kind and thanks for checking in!….Ken Carr…amateur radio call sign  KE1RI.

Contact me by e-mail: KE1RI@yahoo.com

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