Just a little bit about me….My previous experience with Internet social networking sites was mostly limited to my Flickr site.   I then graduated to become an occasional user of Twitter.  At this point my son (a Graphic Artist & web developer) determined that it was about time I had an additional outlet.  The captions under my Flickr photographs were getting way too long.  Everyone who got an e-mail from me also received a link to my booklist (partly inspired by the Kindle).  The final straw was probably when I began to post my resume with my signature (that’s what happens when you are laid off).  So, Alex got this site for me and I now have one more outlet for mental exercising.

You can expect to see friendly comments about family, hobbies (amateur radio, books, old cars), and whatever is current but not too controversial.  Please feel free to respond in kind and thanks for checking in!….Ken Carr…amateur radio call sign  KE1RI.

Contact me by e-mail: KE1RI@yahoo.com

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  1. Shannon says:

    Hi Uncle Kenny!

    I’m looking forward to reading more posts!

    Shannon 🙂

  2. Kenneth Carr says:

    Shannon…thanks for visiting…I’ll try to keep it short & fun!

  3. Lee Ratliff says:

    H Ken,

    I really enjoyed reading this. I stumbled on to it by reading your comments on the repeater intruder. Very interesting articles.

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      Hey Lee, so good to see you here!
      I’m glad you liked the articles. The blog helps keep me out of trouble. Come on back often; I need encouragement.

  4. Lee Ratliff says:

    That object you thought was a pencil sharpener is a pencil sharpener, but not for the ordinary type of pencil. Draftmen use the type of pencil that uses that sharpener. I have a pencil and some lead. Come by some time and I’ll show you. I don’t know if you can still get those pencils. They may have gone by the way of the slide rule.

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      Thanks, Lee. Someone else told me that too. I suspect it does not work well with ordinary pencils;thus, my difficulty in proving it was for sharpening.

  5. Hi Ken,
    Another scrap yard told me about the Exeter yard having a scorpion made, so I just checked the internet to see if there was anything on it – which is how I found your great photos. I’ve been there a few times buying for my own sculpture materials, but not recently.
    Also noticed you are a ham, I was a radio operator in the army and for a few years after, with call sign K0RFT. Stopped being active when we moved back to RI.

    Regards ………. Ken MacDonald

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      Ken… Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love this kind of sculpture and I commend you for using such materials. I saw something similar to this in Boston. It was at an art school (I think) that was right next to the Boston Brewing Company (Sam Adams). The sculptures were all of people and animals….real neat.
      Any time you want to test for a new license, let me know. I will be giving a VE session tomorrow in Cranston. It’s easier than ever to find study materials.

  6. Trish Harmon says:

    Hi Ken,
    Hope you are all well. Glad to see your page. Take care, Trish

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      Trish .. thanks for visiting! Camille gives updates about you by way of Facebook ..good to see you both hooked up there. I’m fine and working full time. It’s not time to quit yet.

  7. Lee Ratlif says:

    Congratulations on your new Call sign. I like it

  8. nick b says:

    Ken i found this site doing research on radios. i hope your ready for tons of questions about SW radio from me lol

  9. ken davies says:

    ken I recently discovered an RCA Radiola 60 with an RCA 103 speaker among my dad’s belongings. I remember him talking about listening to a shortwave radio during the War ( ww2). I’m interested in finding out what it is worth. I’m not sure if I want to try and sell it or use it. I’m afraid to just plug it and turn it on for fear I may ruin it somehow. It is in very good shape and I don’t think he used it much past the mid 50’s. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks

  10. Kenneth Carr says:

    Ken..Value depends on condition, rarity, and whether or not the radio works. The same goes for the speaker.
    If your radio is in very nice condition and has all it’s parts it may be valued at $75-$100. If it works well I would put ot at $100-$150. The tapestry speaker alone usually goes for over $100 itself if working and in good shape.
    It is possible to safely test an old radio but you need to be careful. You would first repair any obvious problems (missing tubes,lamps, lamp hood, bad wires, cord, etc.). Capacitors are difficult to replace on this radio since they are embedded in containers. Fortunately they often work fine in the Radiola. You would bring the radio up slowly with a variac, increasing power in increments over an hour or so. You should also construct and use an in series lamp to detect possible shorts so you can shut it down before doing damage. A good book on radio restoration would be helpful. I recommend Antique Radios and Price Guide by David and Betty Johnson. Much of this information is avaible on the Internet.
    EBay is also a good place to judge current prices.
    The 60 does not get shortwave so your dad used something else for that.
    So, valued at $200 or so, I’d keep it if it belonged to my dad.

  11. AB2NM says:

    Hi Ken! Great site. Thanks for helping me identify a vintage Zenith model H3267R. I’m helping a neighbor donate it to the Antique Wireless Association in Bloomfield, NY (if they want it). Your photos aided in the identification.

    Beautiful photos of your son’s wedding. Excellent job on the auto restoration – reminded me of the 12 Labors of Hercules. My congratulations to the newlyweds, and their capable chauffeur.

    Hope to meet you on the air sometime; you sound like an interesting fellow. As an old friend used to say about accomplished, creative and busy individuals, “There’s a guy who doesn’t watch enough TV!”


    Webster, NY

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I find that many hams are busy people; we are interested in all sorts of things.
      I’m currently working with our AACA club president on writing a history of our local region (Westerly-Pawcatuck).
      But I think mowing the lawn comes first!
      Maybe I’ll catch you on 40 meters … had a great QSO with a NJ ham the other day .. DX is good but USA hams are great.

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