FTDX-3000 Hints and Kinks

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I have owned and used an FTDX3000 for a number of years. The radio has great stability and sound. It has worked just fine for me. The 3000 also has a few quirks. Like most modern radios many of its features are hidden in nested menus and I sometimes get confused. So, along the way I have written all sorts of helpful notes in my user manual. Each time I have a problem and find the solution I record it. I will share some with you. Let me know if you find any of these of use. Please note that I am using the first release of the manual. There may be page number differences from yours. My manual appears to be the same as the online PDF version.


Problems & Solutions

Problem: Upon power up the VFO-A transmit (TX) light blinks constantly and there is no receive audio.
Solution: Check microphone for key down / open mike. That usually solves it.

Problem: Long hang time when switching from TX to RX (receive).
Solution: Turn off the DNR.

Problem: S-meter in receive mode is stuck; no movement.
Solution: Turn off squelch

Problem: Scope freezes.
Solution: Perform full reset as per page 7 of manual.

Essential Settings I use for Win4Yaesu Suite:
com= port 4
#37= USB On
#38= 38400 Baud
#40= RTS Disable (set to Off)

Problem: Radio goes into transmit mode for short time (few seconds)
for no apparent reason.
Solution: VOX is on. Turn it off (wonder how that happened?)

Problem: While monitoring your transmitted signal you hear noise and
your voice is almost inaudible.
Solution: Squelch is on. Turn the control all the way clockwise.

Problem: your hear audio feedback on your transmitted signal when you monitor it. Your SWR is low or nonexistent.
Solution: Turn off the separate amplified speaker that is connected to your computer.

Problem: VFO-B window shows “Clarifier” and the VFO-B/CLAR switch does not change it back to VFO-B.
Solution: Does the main window show the frequency but not “VFO-A”? If so press V/M button to get into VFO mode. That should solve the problem. It may also kick you to another band. Just change back to the band/frequency you desire.

Problem: No monitor signal while in SSB mode.
Solution: Turn off the CW break-in, BK-IN if the switch is glowing orange (p.19)

Problem: While switching from SSB to CW and back you notice that the frequency changes. This is due to it reflecting zero-beat offset. It is not an error. It is designed to make CW listening more pleasant.
Solution: You can prevent this frequency discrepancy by changing menu item no. 064. (see p. 81)


Manual References:
Adjust the clock: page 27
Monitor playback level: menu item no. 15
How to Zero-Beat a CW signal: page 81, “CW Spotting (Zero-Beating)”
Explanation of Scope functions: p. 40-41
Using Speech Processor: p. 68
CW Decode: p. 89
Clock Settings: p. 27

Remote Control Keypad Functions (FH-3)

Functions: p. 30-31
Voice storage: p. 70-71
CW storage: p. 84-88
Text storage: p. 105, 107
Audio Playback: p. 44


Menu Items I (KE1RI) found useful:

007 Dimmer VFO, p. 113
008 Dimmer Backlight p. 113
009 Dimmer TFT p. 113
017 Keyer Type p. 114
031 Antenna Select p. 115
033 NB Level, p. 115
035 Monitor Level, p. 115
036 RF SQL VR, p. 116
042 Quick Split Freq, p. 116
043 TX Time Out Timer, p. 116
061 CW BK-IN, p. 118
064 CW Freq. Display, p. 118
067 Data Mode, p. 118
075 Data In Select, p. 119
084 FM Mic Gain, p. 119
086 RPT Shift (28 MHz), p. 119
087 RPT Shift (50 MHz), p. 119
103 SSB Mic Sel, p. 120
124 Scope Mode, p. 122
125 Scope Mode, p. 122
126 Scope Auto Time, p. 122
128 Center Span Freq, p. 122
151 CW Dial Step, p. 124
155 SSB Dial Step, p. 124

 I suggest that if you find these suggestions helpful, pass them around to fellow FTDX-3000 users. I have one final suggestion. If you want total control of the radio and to get the most out of it I highly recommend that you download and try out the Windows for Yaesu Suite (Win4Yaesu) app by Tom Blahovici, VA2FSQ. Get the trial version first and try out every feature. By the time you are done you will most likely be eager to make the purchase (very low price for what you get, including great personal support from Tom).


The FTDX3000 shares the desk with SP-20 , AL-811H amp, IC706, HQ-170, & R-46B speaker.

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