Icom IC-706MkIIG Operation Guide

Some years ago  I purchased an Icom IC-706-MkIIG transceiver.This was the third and final version of this very popular amateur radio. I was attracted to the 706 for a number of reasons, some of which are:

Small size makes it an ideal mobile radio
Transmits on all amateur HF bands plus 6-meters, 2-meters (VHF) and 440 (UHF)
Receives 30 kHz-199.999 MHz and 400-470.000 MHz depending on version
Works in all modes
Has digital signal processing for noise reduction (DSP)
Removable and remotable faceplate / control head
One button remote tuner control
Good meter selections including SWR, Power, ALC, and Bandscope

That’s an impressive list of features and the radio really delivers. I used it for many years in a mobile environment without any problems except those pesky menus. It seems that the only way Icom was able to pack so many features into such a small radio was to make many of the settings and choices accessible through a series of complex menus. There just isn’t enough space for lots of dials and knobs. That’s OK if you have a great memory (I do not) and if you are not running the rig mobile. It is next to impossible to make on the fly changes while driving in a safe manner. The vehicle must be stopped or you risk serious injury to others and yourself when that inevitable crash occurs (it’s a crash, not an accident).

This advertisement from May 1999 QST shows the lineage of the IC-706MkIIG. I've read that is the all time best selling transceiver.

This advertisement from May 1999 QST shows the lineage of the IC-706MkIIG. I’ve read that the 706 is the all time best-selling transceiver.

Then about 4 years ago the Icom quit working. It would receive for only a few minutes at a time and whenever I tried to transmit it would shut off within seconds and refuse to be revived for hours. I inspected all connections including the power cables going to the battery. I could find nothing wrong. The radio went into the closet until such time as I decided to fix it. That time finally came a few weeks ago. I am at a time in life where I am trying to catch up on many of the things I have let slide. Radio repair was one of them. I had sent a radio to Icom America in Bellevue, Washington in the past. It took two tries for them to fix my new IC-737 but they did do it. It was not their fault. The first time they could not replicate the problem.  The second time I told them to run it until it fails or keep it. That worked. I have had that radio working without a hitch for about 20 years now. Why not try them again?

I checked the Icom web site and found that they now have independent repair shops, located throughout the country, that also are certified on their radios. Which to pick, Kirkland (I already trusted them) or an unknown “Icom Service Center” in St. Joseph, Michigan? I called Kirkland. I asked if the Michigan shop was certified to repair the 706. The pleasant lady informed me that the St. Joseph shop was an expert at Icom 706’s and they charged $52/hr rather than the $84/hr charged by the home base in Kirkland. I sent it to St. Joseph, MI and authorized up to $200 in repairs. If it was over $200 they would call me first. I got the call after it was all done. The total was $125 including shipping. That was a good call! The official name for the service center is SAR Technical Services, Inc. How long did it take? A little over a week. What was wrong? a shield on the main board had come loose from its solder joints and was jumping around and shorting things. Now it is in solid. I will never again hesitate to send an Icom rig out for service.

Check the above You Tube video to see how well the rig works. You will note some video hash in several instances. Maybe the low battery on my camera did that? Anyways, I am quite pleased with the repair done by the Michigan Icom Repair facility. 

Now I have the 706 sitting on my home desk and I have been getting familiar with it again. It seems that I need the manual at hand at all times. Solution? I decided to write my own cheat sheet or reference card for the Icom IC-706MkIIG. So far I have made three tables in Microsoft Word. Each table summarizes the functions of one of the three main menus. With a little more work I will finish this. My goal is to have no more than 4 pages total. That should be an improvement on the non-indexed 68-page factory manual. I am tired of flipping pages and making my own index on sticky notes.

I reproduced the menu tables below. They don’t appear exactly as on the Word document due to formatting constraints of the web. Feel free to use this document if you think it might be helpful. You can download a properly formatted  PDF copy of the reference sheet by clicking on the following link:

Icom-706MKIIG Operating Guide Download 

Now back to playing with this sweet-sounding radio!



Quick Press
to toggle through 3 Menus, M,S,G:

M1-M4                                     Manual p.3-4

M1 SPL – Split frequency
Long Press for split; defaults to VFO B freq on TX (up 5)
A/B – Switch between VFO A and VFO B A=B (XFC when split on)Set both VFO’s to same freq.
M2 MW – Memory Write
While in VFO mode use (17) dial to choose mem. Channel. Set freq.,tone,split,etc. & push MW 2 sec to record.
M>V – Freq. Transfer
While in VFO mode hold M>V to move selected memory to VFO Becomes MCL, Memory Clear when selecting M from V/M; clears selected mem. channel
V/M Toggle between VFO and Memory Mode; rotate (17) M-CH to choose memories
M3 FIL – Select filter
(None Installed) *
NB – Noise Blanker
For ignition noise only
MET – Meter Selection
Toggle: Power, SWR, ALC.To display SWR:
CW mode, hit PTT, read notches on scale
M4 VOX – Voice-Operated
Toggle. Set Gain & Delay in Quick Set:Long press DISPLAY, choose Q3-Q5
(SSB/AM)COM –Speech Com. Toggle on/off  To set up select ALC meter M3 in Quick Set sel. MIKE GAIN,set 2-5 on voiceM4>COMP,speak/adj.(FM)-Repeater duplex; push & hold to auto-set or push to toggle up/down/off (SSB/AM) AGC-Automatic Gain ControlToggle between Fast (FAGC) & Slow.(FM) TON- Toggles rpt. tone set in initial set mode

S1-S4                                         Manual p. 4

S1Memo Pad – quick temp. memory, 5 or 10 available MW – Memory Write
Press 2 sec. to save freq. to mem. displayed
MPW-Memory Pad
Write: Push to write.10 Memories avail.
MPR-Memo Pad Read
Push to cycle 10 pad memories
S2Scan Functions SCN-Scan
Starts & Stops scan; set SQL open or closed 1st.Resume setting controlsResume in 10 sec is default (resume ON)
PRI-Priority Watch
In VFO mode set a freq.Close squelch.Dial in mem. chan. to be watchedPress PRI (F2) to begin & end.
V/M Toggle between VFO and Memory Mode; rotate (17) M-CH to choose memories
B. S. R. Band
Stacking Register; quick band change function. See p. 4 of manual
14Press and hold to change band. 7Store here the 3 bands you use most frequently 144Allows quick jump to band with one press.
S4Digital Signal Processing ANF-Auto Notch Filter
Toggle On/Off
NR-Noise Reduction
NRL-Noise Reduc. Level
Press to choose level by rotating M-CH dial


G1 Band Scope : Push F-1 to select step (0.5-100kHz).Push F-3 for sweep start/stop. Rotate main dial to align with freq. peak you want to tune to. F-3 sweep agn., F-2 return to orig. freq.
G2 SWR Plot Measurement; hold F-1 to choose pitch; push & hold F-2 for step; Push F-3 and then push and release PTT until each bar displays; 1 or 2 rows of display is under 1.5:1 SWR
G3 Tx Freq. – Press F-3 (T) & then M-CH dial to choose TX freq.
G4 Memory Names: Use M-CH dial to choose memory. Editing Memory Names: Choose ‘E’ (F-3); rotate main dial to select characters.F-3>next F-1>back F-2>space. Push ‘Menu’ to exit.


Display Menus (Display button is to left of main tuning dial)

Display Single Press Cycles through Menus M, S, and G (see above)

DisplayLong Press enters Quick Set Mode which gives different options according to mode of receiver (SSB/AM/FM  or CW  or RTTY)

When in SSB/AM/FM there are 8 settings.
Step through them with MENU button or UP and DOWN buttons.
Rotate Main dial to select values.
Single Press MENU to exit Quick Set Mode.
Some Settings are: Q1 RF POWER     Q2 MIC GAIN/CW PITCH/RTTY TONE          
See User Manual, p. 48-50 for full details.


IC-706MKIIG Manual and Product Brochure. Download direct from Icom.
IC-706MKIIG Service manual from repeater-builder.com.
IC-706-Related Links on The DXZone web site.
Official Specification Sheet on Icom site.
RigPix specification sheet.

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116 Responses to Icom IC-706MkIIG Operation Guide

  1. Bob K7OQN says:

    Great Job, Just acquired a 706 to use for a mobile and would like the handy PDF to help learning the op. Haven’t been mobile since 62. Goonie Box on 6.

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      I will get a copy to you today, Bob. I think you are going to like the 706. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Bob K7OQN says:

    Would like the PDF if possible. TNX/73’s

  3. A Wheeler KM4MPU says:

    Id like to have a PDF please. Just got the radio and so far, the menus are the biggest drawback. A quick reference might just cure that.

  4. Tom Sterling says:

    Really would like a copy of your shortened instruction manual.

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      Tom .. I will get a copy to you soon. I have been away for several days and did not have the file handy.

  5. Chris says:

    Thanks for the post. Really came in handy storing/clearing/naming memories on the 706. Great little rig!


  6. Tom Luther says:

    Would like the pdf, looks very heplfull

  7. Wayne Given says:

    Hello, I would like a copy of your PDF on the 706.



  8. Wayne Given says:

    Hello, I would like a copy of your PDF on the 706. Bought a used 706MkII G; what a bear to figure out.



  9. Wayne Given says:

    Yes Kenneth it helped tremendously! Thanks a lot.


  10. Dante says:

    How do I open the menu S4 on my radio? Only goes to the S3 and the next click the MENU goes to S1 and not for S4. Is there any procedure or my radio is in trouble? Thank you! 73 for all

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      Dante … When I press ‘Menu’ it goes up to S4. My radio is a 706 MKIIG.
      Do you have a different earlier version that possibly had a different
      menu setting? I am not familiar with the earlier versions.
      Otherwise I do not know what is wrong. I suggest you join a Yahoo group
      that covers the 706. They may have an answer for you there.
      Try this link: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/IC-706MKIIG/info

  11. Ben says:

    Hello Kenneth, I am new to all of this and just bought a MKIIG because everyone seems to be really impressed with it; however, I am lost! Your writeup and site really help! Thank you! Will you please send me a copy of the PDF so that I can print and laminate to keep next to the radio…73, KF5ZRN

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      It is good to hear that you found the post of value. I will send you the PDF tomorrow when I am at the desktop. You are going to like the 706!

  12. Ben says:

    great…I look forward to getting it…just got my MKIIG in the mail today 🙂

  13. Jonathon says:

    Hi Kennith:

    You’re site is great! Can you please send me the 706 .pdf as well?

    With thanks,

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      The file is on its way, Jonathon. I apologize for taking so long.
      The WordPress site failed to notify me of your comment.
      I hope the file will be useful to you.

  14. Jimmy Vance says:

    I recently picked up a 706 MKIIG and am still trying to figure it all out. Can I have a copy of your guide?


  15. Al Olson. says:

    Sure would like a copy. Thanks W8IPD

  16. Jerry Lynn says:

    Thanks for the article. I am just getting my 706 going. I made a go box to carry around in the RV. I have a 26′ fiberglass telescoping pole and I just finished an end fed antenna. Seems to work. I too would like a copy of your guide. Thanks, 73.

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      It is on the way, Jerry. That is some portable antenna at 26′ tall! I’m sure you will have great results.

    • Michael Guerin says:

      Just saw your note on the EF pole antenna. Did you end up using radials too? Preparing to used an end fed Ultimax on motorhome fiberglass flagpole on ladder mount… Thanks, W6MVT@arrl.net, Mike.

  17. Johnny Magdaleno says:

    My IC-706 MKIIG is 18 years old, I bought this radio brand new in USA in 1998. Sure I would like a copy. Thanks, YV1AZ

  18. Jack says:

    Hi Kenneth, I just found this page and I would like to get a PDF copy you have made. It would save a lot of time spent in the manual. My memory is really bad.
    Thanks Jack Young WA9UKK

  19. Glenn Taylor says:

    Hello Kenneth!
    Just got an IC 706mkiig last week. After playing with the menus I googled a question and ran across your PDF. May I please get a copy also? Just playing with this radio in the shack has got me excited about having this in the truck. Also thanks for the advice on using Icom repair service. Being a ham for less than a year, I truly appreciate helpful advice and time saving tips!

  20. John G4SJY says:

    Fantastic very helpful could I please have a copy of the pdf file thanks

  21. Bill W says:

    I am WA1RI. Nice to meet you and thanks for the tip on SWR plotting. It does not seem to appear in the pdf manual I just downloaded and printed. I bought the 706 2 g back around 2001, traded it away, then sold the trade, I have just reacquired one in the past week, trying to re-familiarize myself with the radio.

    Should I assume you are from RI? I was, but moved away. Have the RI in the call and a 401 on my cell.

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      Hi, Bill. I am from RI and we have met before on one or two occasions. We have a friend in common in Bob Beaudet. I was the president of the Pawtuxet Valley ARC and I suspect we met when you were the assistant section manager and president of Blackstone Valley ARC.
      It sounds like you have a great job at Yellowstone National Park!

  22. Bryan Peek says:

    Hi Mr. Carr

    Thanks so much for this simplified version of the important aspects of the menu. I have just acquired a 706MkiiG and cant wait to test it. Please could you email me the PDF version. I will Print and Laminate and keep it handy.
    Regards Bryan
    South Africa

  23. I’m loading memory channels into my radio I need set 6 Meter splits to (-) 1 megahertz say 53.050 Rx & 52.050 TX It seems factory split is 500 1/2 megahertz? So I would like to know how to adjust repeater shift space.
    Also I would like a shorter op PDF manual emailed to me . TY Duane N3RSJ

    • Kenneth Carr says:


      I sent you two files by way of separate email:
      Icom 706 manual: 
      This shows you how to create the offset you need. You can do it by using the Quick Split function that is described on pages 29 and 30. 
      You can also do it by using the”one touch repeater function” that is explained on page 32 (you will first have to set the offset as described on page 52).

      Hopefully these are helpful!

  24. Chuck McClurg says:


    I have a 706MKIIG comming and would like a copy of your pdf. I will lamanate it and keeep it next to the radio! Tried to make sense of the Manual and gave up. Some of the entries are verious devious!!

    Thanks for all the work,

    Chuck McClurg

  25. great! ive been going in circuls.pleas senda pdf
    manymany thanks

    shel lawrence

  26. Bob Merritt says:

    Would like a copy of the PDF
    Many thanks,
    Bob K3OWX

  27. Brent says:

    Your pdf looks a lot faster than leafing through the manual! Would appreciate a copy..

  28. Eric Bennion says:

    I have a 706MkIIG as well. I use mine in my pickup and would like a copy of your PDF as well. I appreciate the work you’ve done and your willingness to share with other Hams. I’ve used the information from your site and thing the off would be a great addition.

    73 – KG7RBT

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      Eric , I sent the file a few minutes ago. I’m glad you found the article useful. I’s always nice to know a little about the history behind a radio.

  29. Doug says:

    Kenneth –

    As a new owner of an (older) MkII, I also would appreciate receiving the IC-706 PDF guide. In fact, I have not yet even powered up the radio – no antenna available so far. But I’m working on one.



  30. Jim Lee says:

    Boy, your work on this guide looks pretty complete. You really did a great and complete guide. My problem with mine was remembering all of the rabbit trails.
    I would sure appreciate a copy
    Jim W5SPP

  31. James Lee says:

    Thanks, W5SPP

  32. Christian KI7FFG says:

    Nice write up! Icom for taking the time to post it. I just got a mag loop and found my way here trying to figure out how to find tune from the swr meter. I would love a coot if the pdf

  33. Robert Reed says:

    w4rar@arrl.net Ken would love a copy of your guide just getting back into HF Mobil operations 73 es tnx Bob W4RAR

  34. Al Watson says:

    May I get a copy of the PDF on the 706 MKIIG

  35. Mike Emm GOTQZ says:

    Very handy document . Could you send me the .PDF Thank You Very Much .
    Mike Emm

  36. RAY M says:


    • Kenneth Carr says:


      I have sent to you my Quick Instructions for the Icom 706. I also
      attached a digital copy of the full manual.

      Regarding the long wire (or random wire) antenna you will be able
      to transmit with it if you use an antenna tuner. Several different
      types form $70 up to $300 are available from MFJ. Just make sure
      you buy one that supports a random wire input.

      If you want better performance consider putting up a dipole in your
      attic. A half wave dipole for 20 meters (the most active HF band) will
      only be about 35 feet long and you can slope it or make an ‘L’ of the
      ends to fit your attic. I would still recommend an antenna tuner but
      you might want to get one of the automatic ones like the LDG which
      can go for as little as $100 plus cable costs.

      Good luck with the 706!

  37. Larry Johnston says:

    Would like a copy of the PDF
    Thanks in advance
    de W4SAT

  38. Tom says:

    I just picked up one of these radios (IC-706MIIG) and am quite intimidated. I’d like to request a copy of the PDF file. Thanks for making it available.
    Tom WA4ESI

  39. Andrew Moffatt says:

    Could.i please get a copy of the 706 MK2 mini manual. Just acquired my first 706 for the car and would be perfect to have at hand. Thank you Andy – M0FAT

  40. richard says:

    hi there i just got this icom 706mkiig the vfowas tunring hard so I took it off to cleanit but now I cant put the vfo back on what to do

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      Usually they just push back on. Hold the rear of the radio to steady it and
      push firmly with two fingers on opposite sides of the knob. If it still won’t
      go on I would put a very small coating of ordinary bar soap on the shaft and
      then try again. That should lubricate it make it easier to slip on.

  41. richard says:

    ok thanks its on now thanks for the info 73s

  42. Tim Haynes says:

    Hello Kenneth ..I also just got an Icom 706mk2 and so far Im really Happy with it ! I was wondering if I could obtain a copy of your scaled down verision of the Menu it would be most appreciated ! And if I may ask have you done any Mods to the fan for the Heat in the Radio Thanks… Tim KE8GLP

  43. Joe H says:

    Can I please get a copy of the 706 MK2 mini manual. Ive owned the radio for a while now and any information would be nice to have at hand. Thank you Andy KC1BJG

  44. Paul Cesnavicius says:

    Hi Kenneth,
    just came across your article. I would appreciate a pdf copy of the ICOM IC706 MKII G Operation Guide when you have the time.


  45. Gerry says:

    I’d like to request a copy of the PDF file. Thanks for making it available.

  46. Gerry kc0cat says:

    No problem….Thanks!

  47. Ron McDonald says:

    I finally got my General license and was lucky to find a nice IC 706mkiig. Read your article and would love to have a copy of your guide!

  48. Les Hovland says:

    Hello Kenneth, I’ve had the 706mkIIG for a long while but went and bought a 7000. Too bad it is belly up, so back to the 706 which was / is a great radio. May I have a copy of your PDF cheat sheet?
    Thanks, Les

  49. Could you please send me a PDF of the cheat sheets.

  50. James Lee says:

    Kenneth, I read all of the replies that dated back to 2015. You should be applauded for you diligence in responding to request for so long. I too would like your PDF.

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      Thanks for the applause, Jim.

      Hopefully I will be able to create a ‘download’ button with some new plugin code that I heard about. Then it will be easier for everyone to get the file. LOL

  51. J.R. says:

    Please pdf files cheat sheets>

  52. Ed Epley says:

    I have just purchased an IC-706MkIIG and would appreciate a copy of the PDF and any additional information to assist in learning proper operation of this unit.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  53. Bruce Sugarberg says:

    Hello Kenneth,

    Please send me a copy of the PDF file for the Icom 706MarkIIG.

    Thank you,

    Bruce WA8TNC

  54. This was the first radio I purchased after getting my ticket. Have since got one in my go kit plus one in shack. Hard to beat it. Could I get a PGF of your menus and anything else you may have?

  55. William Easterbrook says:

    Really appreciate it if this PDF is still available. I just bought the radio and being a New Ham VE3XAE, I could use all the help I can get! Thanks 73 William

  56. David Alpert - KB2LUM says:

    Could you please send me a copy of the PDF file for the Icom 706MarkIIG.

  57. Ron Hambric, N5SBN says:

    The guide is very easy to read and use.
    I am working on a ToGo kit project for the Red Cross.
    Thanks for taking the time to write the guide.

    Could you please send me a copy of the PDF file for the Icom 706MarkIIG.

  58. Chris Maple says:

    Thanks for the information. I am a new HAM KJ7KNG and was given a 706MKIIG. I was also given a link to your site and would love a pdf of your cheat sheet.


  59. Richard says:

    Hi Kenneth. Juts came across this after purchasing a 706Mk2G. Been lookiNG for one for a while. The perfect Field Station rig. Would appreciate if you could send me the PDF file.


  60. Jim Turoff says:

    Hi Kenneth…

    Glad to see you are still providing this valuable service to your fellow hams. Thank you in advance for forwarding to me your PDF for the “Icom IC-706MkIIG Operation Guide”.

    Warm Regards… Jim, K3JGT

  61. Stan, W4HIX says:

    Really nice work. I bought an IC-706MKIIG about 10 years ago and had it repaired once at SAR. I don’t think they handle them anymore, but I could be wrong. Great radio–I’m now setting it up to operate remotely now that I have a place where I can put up a decent antenna. Could you send me the PDF?

  62. Jim Allyn says:

    Hey, that IC-706 Operation Guide sounds like just the thing for me, and I would greatly appreciate receiving the PDF in my email! Thanks much and –… …–

  63. Joe Ranson says:

    I am trying to use my 706 on 2 meters but it wasn’t transmitting the offset frequency (-600) even though I chose it in the menu. I followed the advice of a ham who ones one who said the program SPLIT and DUP Offset. It will now transmit the offset frequency when I transmit but will not key up the repeater on 10 watts. My HT will do it on watts. There has to be some command that I am missing. Can you help?

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      I am not sure what is wrong. Maybe a little troubleshooting will help.

      Are you able to key up one or more other repeaters with the 706?
      Do those that work reqquire a tone or not?

      Some repeaters require that besides having the correct offset you send an inaudible tone to open the repeater. Does this repeater require that tone? If so, have you programmed it in to the 706? Check your HT to see if it is sending the tone.
      Is your 706 in duplex mode?(sends on one frequency, listens on another). This is necessary also. So I would compare the settings of the two radios and look for the place where they differ. I am assuming you are using the same antenna for both. If not you should also test the 706 and the HT with the same antenna to eliminate a problem with that.

  64. Finn Ostervig says:

    Hello there

    Thank you for the most useful info. I have bought a used MKIIG and while waiting for it to arrive I am exploring the info I can find .

    You have made it a lot easier to navigate the menus I think and I would be grateful if I could have a copy of the PDF file please ?


    Finn Ostervig OZ1FO

  65. Tony Kapolka says:

    Just got my 706 out of retirement and am hoping to use it for POTA. Would love a copy of your guide. Great how so many years later it is still in demand! 73 N3XH

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      It will be on the way tonight. The 706 is a nice radio and it can still keep up with the new ones. Enjoy it.

  66. Leo Seicshnaydre says:

    Hi, I bought a 706MKIIG LAST NIGHT from a local elmer who upgraded. Thanks for the time you spent creating this. Could you send me a copy?

  67. Curt Bennett says:

    Hi Kenneth, I’ve been using a 706mkII for about 3 years now and enjoy the radio. I’m not a frequent user and I find that when I go back to make a change I have to once again look it all up in the manual. Ya know the memory isn’t what it used to be. I would love a copy of your PDF I feel that it would be a great help.

    • Kenneth Carr says:

      It went out in the email yesterday. I know exactly what you mean about memory. I’m having the same experience.

  68. Al Secor says:

    Hi Kenneth! I would appreciate a copy of your PDF also. I’ve had the 706kIIg for awhile but still get confused by the menus.

  69. Terry G KD9YQL says:

    I would like a copy of your pdf also. I am looking for a battery for the sprint setup for the 706mkIIg, know where and size?

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