What’s good on Netflix Instant?

There are plenty of excellent movies and television series on Netflix Instant. The only problem is that you have to sample a lot of dogs to find the gold. That’s why I have posted on this blog reviews of over 70 Netflix offerings. Please see the category Netflix Instant Movie Reviews in the right margin for additional reviews.

Every Title in this list is a hot link to a YouTube trailer. Most are official trailers. All will open in a separate screen.

So, what have I watched and liked recently? My latest recommendations are  the following:

Upside Down, 2012, 1 hr and 47 min., Sci-Fi.
Two worlds are right next to each other and are separated by about 100 feet measuring from highest peak to highest peak. The people on each world are upside down in reference to each other. If one manages to travel to the other world they must constantly fight their own gravity which tends to pull them back to their own world. They also remain upside down when in foreign territory unless assisted somehow. If that is not enough, a boy and girl from opposite worlds become friends. Unfortunately their relationship is violently ended. Many years later the boy goes on a journey to find his friend. Of course his world is the poor world and his type is not welcome in the other. Wow, what a leap of faith this one takes. Not surprisingly it is not the only movie out with the dual world premise. This one works quite well. It is strange. It has no basis in science. It is a fun love story. Check it out.
Starring: Kirsten DunstJim SturgessTimothy Spall

Kidnap and Ransom, 2011-2012, Three 45 min. episodes.
This is a British TV series. There are only three episodes, but are they good ones! The story depicts a professional kidnap negotiator, Dominic King, who is hired because he can get the job done and return the victims home alive (usually). This series will keep your heart beating quickly while providing plenty of surprises. The acting and story are very well done. It also can be quite violent. This is another triumph of British TV which is by far superior to anything in the US.
Starring: Trevor EveHelen BaxendaleNatasha Little

Kill Me Later, 2001, 1 hr 29 min, Action/Comedy/Romance
This one is different. A bank robbery goes wrong (doesn’t work out too well for the robber) and the ‘bad guy’ ends up taking a teller as a hostage. Unfortunately his threats to kill her if she does not cooperate are as effective as trying to extinguish a fire with gasoline. Apparently the robber interrupted the young lady while she was on her break and about to commit suicide. Now what? She agrees to do as he says so long as he agrees to “Kill Me Later”.  It’s a fun movie in spite of some unnecessary violence. Put it on your list!
Starring: Selma BlairMax BeesleyTom Heaton

Hidden, 2011, 4 episodes at 1 hr each, British Crime
Harry is lawyer who doesn’t have a lot of business. Along comes a young lady who claims that she also is a lawyer and she wants Harry to find a missing witness who may help her current unnamed client. Harry is suspicious that something is not exactly on the level, but he takes the case anyways. The resulting intrigue, deceit, and bumps on the head make for an interesting thriller that you will have difficulty figuring out until it nears the end. Don’t try to figure it out, just enjoy the ride.
Starring: Philip GlenisterThekla ReutenAnna Chancellor

Safe Haven, 2013, 1 hr 55 min., Drama/Romance/Crime
This very pretty blond arrives by bus at a small North Carolina fishing village. She is very secretive and trusting of nobody. Of course this does not last long, especially after she finally warms up to the perfect guy and his small children. All is not well though. Apparently she is hiding some rather alarming secrets about her past life and they are about to catch up with her. This was a really nice thriller / romance. It’s a bit slow and a bit sappy at times, but overall it delivers an enjoyable movie. Sit back and relax with this one.
Starring: Josh DuhamelJulianne HoughCobie Smulders

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