So you want to be a homeowner?

9:00 AM, Thursday: I’ve already washed up. Breakfast is over. It’s now time to tackle that list I made last night. What list? The one that says things like:
• Order parts for the ’41 Buick
• Wash the Ridgeline
• Go to McDonald’s for a morning coffee
• Study for the A+ certification exam
• Submit two more job applications

It wasn’t a bad list, but then my wife interrupted with the most feared statement of all, “The toilet is clogged. It won’t go down.” Of course this was not just a statement of fact; it was indeed the first in a series of mini disasters that all required a response from me. So I immediately got the plumber’s helper (aka plunger, aka force pump) out of the garage and repaired the stubborn water closet. From that point on the day went pretty well until about 3:00 PM when I noticed that the garage door was closed only 4/5 of the way. That job took a little longer. The pesky electric eye had to be bent back into place and secured before complete function was restored. I was feeling pretty good at this point with a score of 2-for-2. The good feeling lasted until about 9:00 PM at which time the clarion voice of my spouse once again brought me to attention. It seems that the clothes that were spinning around in the dryer for 2 hours never did dry. Wish I had known about it at 8:00.

At this point I decided that the dryer could wait until the next day. I had something more important to do; drink a couple of beers and watch an instant movie on Netflix. I knew that the dryer was not going to be a 5 minute fix. The next morning found me taking apart the electric clothes dryer with a nut driver in one hand and an exploded drawing of the unit in the other. I cleaned out massive amounts of lint and attempted to cut myself on the aluminum vent hose that never wants to fit over either the dryer or vent outlets. The multimeter told me that the heating element, fuse, and thermostat were all good. What was left? After reading various labels stuck to the back of the dryer and reading a chapter from “How to Repair Small Appliances” I realized that the tub motor and the heating element of the Kenmore Super Dryer were supplied individually by  separate branches of the 230 volt feed. A quick test of each branch of the supply confirmed that one read 115 volts while the other showed nothing. Problem solved. A quick trip to Home Depot (I spend too much time in that place) to secure a dual 30 amp circuit breaker to replace the burnt out one that I removed and all was well. The dryer now roared like a BSA campfire.

Somewhere during these adventures I posted a lament about my dryer woes on Twitter. Wouldn’t you guess that I landed a new “Follower”, a national appliance repair shop that posted a tweet inviting me to give them a call for a quick fix. It was fun to “Retweet” that I had repaired the dryer myself. They responded with a “That a boy” and “You all stop back here next time.” I might just do that.

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2 Responses to So you want to be a homeowner?

  1. Willie Peloquin - N8WP says:

    Hi Ken, I just bought a house near Annapolis and I know how you feel! I just got back from a road trip to Russia. I will have to tell you about it. Take care,


    • Kenneth Carr says:

      You are one busy guy, Willie! The buyng a new house venture can be daunting itself, never mind the repairs that follow.
      Russia?…Send me some e-mail and let me know the details. This has to be a good one.

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