Netflix Instant Picks for September

I once again have what I believe is an impressive batch of movies that are all offered as Instant View (streaming) selections through Netflix.  All of the featured flicks on this list rate 10/10 on my scale.  As a bonus I will also include a couple of runner ups that I rate at 8 or better.  They may not get you real excited but they at least won’t make you feel like you wasted your time by watching them.

The Way Back, 2010, 2 hr and 13 min.; History / Adventure / True; Rating: 10/10

The Russians also had labor camps during WWII.  The people in those camps were a mixture of nationalities.  They were incarcerated for reasons of religion, politics, and ordinary criminal offenses.  The camp described in this movie was in Russian Siberia.  This brutal true story tells of the escape made by a small band of prisoners who were determined not to die in prison.  The goal of their trek was to reach India; that is one incredible walk.

Starring: Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Collin Farrell


Tattoo: A Love Story, 2002, 1 hr and 35 min.; Romantic / Independent; Rating: 10/10

Sarah is a very straight and proper elementary school teacher.  Then one of her students brings a tattoo artist into class for show and tell.  This is not your typical romantic comedy.  The film was cute, funny and different.  You just have to watch it – don’t let the
kooky storyline scare you away.

Starring: Megan Edwards, Virgil Mignanelli, and Benjamin Burdick


Suspect Zero, 2004, 1 hr and 35 min.; Mystery / Detective; Rating: 10/10

We begin with a FBI agent who has a rather poor past performance.  He has made some big mistakes in the past and is presently on the downside of a lackluster career.  Then he uncovers a very strange coincidence regarding a string of murders.
It seems that all of the victims were themselves serial killers.  Sounds a little like Dexter, doesn’t it?  This is an awesome original film that is sure to keep you in your seat (no bathroom breaks with this one).

Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Ben Kingsley, Carrie-Anne Moss

Apocalypto, 2006, 2 hr and 18 min; Adventure / Drama; Rating: 10/10

A Central American Indian tribe is raided by Mayans who are in need of people to sacrifice to their sun-god.  The action centers on a heroic native who is determined to escape.  Mel Gibson directed this awesome and gruesome adventure.  Put aside any distaste you may have for Gibson and let this movie make your heart beat fast for its entire length.  I thought I was going to have a cardiac arrest during this one!

Note: This movie contains brutal violence and significant historical inaccuracies.  Just watch it for the pure animal excitement, great acting, and splendid photography.

Starring: Rudy Youngblood, Dalia Hernandez, Jonathan Brewer

Jane Eyre, 1996, 116 minutes; Romance; Rating: 10/10

The classic Charlotte Bronte novel comes to life once again in the form of a movie.  This is one romance that many have heard about and an equal number have read.  Now it is the time to watch the movie.  The director Franco Zeffirelli has created a wonderfully rewarding film.  Classic romance at its best.

Starring: William Hurt, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Joan Plowright

 Now for a couple of runer up films:

Who’s Harry Crumb, 1989, 89 minutes; Comedy, Mystery; Rating : 9/10

If you are a John Candy fan, as I am, this is a must see movie.  Candy plays Harry Crumb, a bungling detective and heir to a detective agency run by a creep.  This movie is great fun in the John Candy tradition.  It is a bit dated but well worth the watch.  I recently watched an old interview with John Candy where he complained that Tristar Pictures did a terrible job of promoting the movie and the result was a bomb.  I’d have to agree – this is a fun video that has taken lots of bad press.

Starring: John Candy, Jeffrey Jones, Annie Potts

The Broken, 2008, 1 hr and 28 min.; Rating: 8/10

This one is about a woman who runs into her double (doppelgänger) and as a result her life gets turned upside down.  This mystery will have you bewildered for the duration.  You may figure it out right at the very end.  Strange, brutal, interesting.

Starring: Lena Heady, Richard Jenkins, Asier Newman

That’s it for this month.  If by any chance you watched one of these films after I recommended it and you liked it, let me know!





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3 Responses to Netflix Instant Picks for September

  1. Shannon McLoud says:

    I’ve been looking for a good Jane Eyre movie! I read the book for a class this summer and it is now at the top of my favorite book list! The Broken-I always get a kick out of seeing former Trinity/Rhode Island actors doing movies! 🙂

  2. Dan Roy says:

    I just finished watching , My name is Modesty, I enjoyed the story line, and the action in the movie. ( I am using the 30 day free trial on Netflix, maybe I will pay the $8:00 fee after the trial ends.). Maybe this weekend I will take in another one of your recommendations.

  3. Kenneth Carr says:

    Shannon and Dan … Thanks for the comments; they are appreciated!

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